Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Homepage & Handjob

Good evening, its me again (who else?)

first of all: My homepage is finally online and seems to work correctly. Check it out on www.timogrubing.de. There you find different examples of my style from comic-art over children's book illustrations to vector based medicine illustration. The site is still under construction. I wanna attach a link-list to friend's and pro's pages for example - and don't know if I should link this Blog on my homepage. I would advise peoples to read this crap and I like hiding myself with this site in the swamp of the talkatives (well actually I like the handling and layout of Blogger.com... it's one of the most user-friendly communities I have ever tried!)

And I performed my self given task today and drew some serious training-sketches in my book. I sketched hands. I don't know if I am the only one who hates drawing hands, well, ich don't really hate it, but it's difficult for me to make them look realistic. Usually it's something wrong with them, like too much or too less space between the thumb and the beginning of the index finger for example. The hand is the most complex part of the body, and for me it seems to change it's proportions with every single movement. Drawing comic hands is okay, cos in a comic you can live with exxegerations, with hands that would look pretty mutated if they were real. So I tried to draw more or less realistic hands´.
I started with portray my own left hand (the two big and to much hatched ones in the middle of the double-page), then portrayed some hands that I found in a book about cigarette-advertisement (the ones with cigarettes). I portrayed them to loosen at first and then drew the rest of the hands out of my imagination. I think it worked quite good at the end (the newest hands are the few on the right).

So, good beginning! See you tomorrow!

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