Friday, September 28, 2007


This is page out of my sketchbook I did last sunday on the way home to Münster. It's always a damn boring tour, so I shortened time by drawin more or less realistic portraits of other passengers. Actually I don't like drawing peoples in the train so much, cos when u stare at people for a longer time they start staring back... So I like drawing sleeping people or turn them into comic figures by drawing them out of my brain (like that manga-style girl I saw standing on a platform with her dog when my train had a stopover. She definitely didn't look like that except for the hair and the clothes.
The two guys on the right side didn't notice me drawing them, so they are more realistic.

Another rat & mouse

Oh, watch out!! A weaponed rat and a red eyed mouse scurrying over the blog...!


And for a change something nice! While colorating it I noticed that she looks like Cleopatra. So it's Cleopatra (with tanlines on a bit too big booty).

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mountain Bike for bday

Hi! Long time no see! I'm really busy with working for my recent projects which I'm not allowed to post before they are officially published. But in between I found some time to make a picture for a good friend's birthday.


He's a passionate mountain biker and I asked myself in what kind of situation you really needed a mountain bike in a city like Bochum. Just imagine your hometown was burned down by a horde of monsters. I guess you would want to ride a mountain bike to piss off as fast as you can!

Don't forget your helmet tho!