Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schmidts Katze & die Mäusebande

Also ich sach ma: Getz gehtet ab wie Schmidt's Katze! (this is a German saying and I think it means the same as "it takes off like a scalded cat" or something.)
Schmidts Katze from Schmidt Spiele is a fast hide and seek memory game for kids of four years of age and over. Slip into the role of a mouse and try to hide from the (friendly) Schmidt's cat (it just wanna play with the mice... honestly :)

And I like most that they have named one of the eight mouse-character after me: Timo Tollkühn :))
(engl. Timo Temerarious <-- that will definitely become my new gangster rapper nick name ;)

Get the game on and do you already know the "Schmidts Katze" puzzle?

Schmidts Katze Puzzle

This is the first puzzle with the cat whose name hasn't been far from seeking for a publisher like Schmidt Spiele: Schmidts Katze :)

Get it here or better at the toys store of your trust :)

Making of Schmidts Katze

First cat sketches, that didn't really work well yet:

Drawing the cat in a walking pose was a literal step into the right direction. This evolution of the final sketch proves the rule: size (of the head) does matter!

On the basis of the finally inked cat character, I created a fur colour range. The editor chose the black one cos it was best to be combined with every coloured background.

After that, the fur painting had to be defined in detail.

And tadaaa (or meoow): Schmidts Katze was made!