Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making of Schmidts Katze

First cat sketches, that didn't really work well yet:

Drawing the cat in a walking pose was a literal step into the right direction. This evolution of the final sketch proves the rule: size (of the head) does matter!

On the basis of the finally inked cat character, I created a fur colour range. The editor chose the black one cos it was best to be combined with every coloured background.

After that, the fur painting had to be defined in detail.

And tadaaa (or meoow): Schmidts Katze was made!


Hundefan said...

Oah! Thüthe Kat-then!!

Timo said...

Joah! Aber Hundefans (auch welche mit Rechtschreibschwächen) sind hier besser aufgehoben: