Monday, January 28, 2008


...or is it me... :-?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Return of the Fred

I have to admit, I was happy when Backmedia asked me to draw Fred Fisch again. That oafish shark was the main character of a monthly columne in the trade magazine for the backery industry called "Backjournal".
I started drawing him in 2002 and never understood why they wanted a shark to present newsworthy books. Due to internal changes in the publishing house, the last Fred Fish column was published in autumn 2006, and after this time I didn't hear anything from them until last week. So I had to reanimate the desiccated shark (that was already smelling like rotten fishbones by the way ;) and let him present the book "The penguin principal" (don't ask me what it's about... something about helping penguins, the publishing house told me...)

And actually I don't really like to colour with water colours, but this pic turned out well. A good start in a new Fred-era I think :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Between childish schoolbook illustration and bloody rats I tried to do some "serious" sketching stuff again. That mullah guy I drew with reference and did some photoshop-edit to make the sketches look more finished.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Click on the pic :)


or download the wallpapers!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


And another rat (I start to become a rat-pro). It's a "Schattenschweif". The "shadowtails" mask themselves as members of other routs to spy on them. In this case a shadowtail that has gnawed off it's ears and tail to disguise itself as a red-eye (look at this post to compare). Clever little bastard...

And the sketch I did before.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ratten! - Fashion & more

The first RATTEN!-adventure is out now. It's called "Der Kasten des Lebens" ("The case of life") and it just waits for you RPG-nerds to download it :D

Oh and pretty cool: Projekt Kopfkino opened it's own Online-Fashion-Store and you can order different RATTEN!-Shirts on there. Personally I still most like the mutated rat, it's just cute!

Nearly as cute as this friendly naked mole rat. I didn't had to work hard to make it look ugly, the mole rat is damn ugly in real (maybe that's why it lives underground). It has four big teeth growing out above the mouth and very small, nearly blind eyes hidden under skin flaps. And it doesn't feel pain, cos it's skin lacks the so called Substance P that is responsible for sending pain signals to the central nerve system. So that little creature is the perfect monster (wonder why it never had a leading role in a horror movie).

Year v.2.8

Hey there, hope you all have upgraded the old YEAR 2.7 to version 2.8 succefully. Well, I did and until now it all works just fine. And it's time to show you some results of my last year's efforts.

First of all: The new year started and of course my chemist's calender is out right now and - in my opinion - it turned out well.


Furthermore I created the cover and booklet for the second album of the band Home To Paris. They play something between ska and modern jazz and I guess they do it very well, BUT that is so NOT the kind of music I listen to (I actually don't know what I like less, ska or jazz - wow, that rhymes!) But it was fun to draw the band members sitting on the old buildings of "Zeche Zollverein"! And if you are into that kind of music, visit their homepage and order a CD!