Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Return of the Fred

I have to admit, I was happy when Backmedia asked me to draw Fred Fisch again. That oafish shark was the main character of a monthly columne in the trade magazine for the backery industry called "Backjournal".
I started drawing him in 2002 and never understood why they wanted a shark to present newsworthy books. Due to internal changes in the publishing house, the last Fred Fish column was published in autumn 2006, and after this time I didn't hear anything from them until last week. So I had to reanimate the desiccated shark (that was already smelling like rotten fishbones by the way ;) and let him present the book "The penguin principal" (don't ask me what it's about... something about helping penguins, the publishing house told me...)

And actually I don't really like to colour with water colours, but this pic turned out well. A good start in a new Fred-era I think :D

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