Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VIRUS infected

There is a double sided interview with me about my Blog of the Living Dead-Project in the current issue No. 32 of the Virus Magazine, Germany's leading Horror related journal.

And starting with this issue one of my zombies will be regularly published in the VIRUS Gallery Of Horrors! You can get the mag at the next newsstand or station bookstall or directly at Raptor Publishing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Long time no Fred

... after some month of absence from this blog, Fred comes back for Backmedia in a tailor-made role - as the egomanic boss.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funky Colts

I want you to get ready for the 80th: Put on your hawaiian shirt, your pastel coloured jacket, your white sockless loafers and your aviator sunglasses! Don't forget to let your chest hair peek out of your shirt (if you're a woman, shave it. Please.) Switch on your Miami Vice soundtrack CD and let the world of the unforgettable 80th action series revive!
Because that is the world of Funky Colts - developed by Projekt Kopfkino and recently published by Prometheus Games. In this roleplay game you have the chance to create your own 70s or 80s action series with your own heroes and bad guys and bunnies and talking cars (if you like).

This is the cover-illustration I created in close collaboration with Isa Metzen.

and here are some of the characters I drew for the game

and some action-scenes

and some locations

So funky ya, motherfunker!

The Goon Guy!

Three weeks ago I had the chance to get a book signed by Eric Powell, the creator of The Goon-comic series at Mr.C in Bochum and to talk with him and even show my portfolio to him in Frankfurt. It was pure motivation to see my favourite and - in my opinion - one of today's best comic artist liking my stuff (and especially my zombies) :)

Back in November

Sooo, long time no post (on this blog). It's November now, my 365 day private Zombie trial is over (for now) and it's time for a little update on here! I just like my personal "Wheres is Zombie Waldo"-pic, so I post it on here, too!