Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Technique

Me again :) Yes, I'm back in Münster, yes, here I am hard-working again.
I used the whole day to excercise myself in more realistic photoshop coloration, cos that role play publisher asked me, if I were able to do some colored illustrations for the RPC (Role Play Convention) in april. I have never tried realistic coloration - just my well-known comic styles. But, hey, that first two attemps aren't that bad :)

The colored Mermaid-sketch (look at last post)

A close-up of the face (could be more detailed, but I like that pictorial appearance)

And the face of a Zzing-warrior I did for the role play game.

...based on this sketch.

There will be more tomorrow I hope!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Sketchbook

Uh, long time no post! Well, I had been pretty busy with the schoolbook illustrations for Cornelsen the last weeks, but I have finished it lately :))
Over the Easter holidays I went home to Bochum ("happy belated easter" by the way) and cos I do not have many possibilities and not the motivation to work there, I started a new sketchbook. The scribbles went out more or less dark and unpaschal due to the fact that I got a new job for another roleplay games publisher and they need the darker side of illustration - a nice change to the "happy happy joy joy"-schoolbook illustrations of the past months.

I like this next two nerdy sketches: The left one was inspired by the visit of the Leipzig bookfair on the last weekend. Some mates and me actually went there cos of the comic-hall that in the end turned out to be a "Just Manga and nothing else"-hall full of cosplay-freaks. "Cosplay" is short for "costume-play" and it means that basically fat and ugly young people disguise themselfe as their favourite Manga character and go to manga-fairs to see and to be seen. I just can say that it was pretty strange, but a valuable experience...
The right one is my modern version of Arielle (without shell-cups :)

So hope I will stay on the ball with sketching (hmm... "am Ball bleiben" - do you have that saying in english, too?) and post more sketches in the next days and weeks! C u !

Saturday, March 1, 2008

iik iik

And with this shot I know my illu is in good hands :)