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RATTEN!! Cover-Preview

(Hmm... it's nearly end of august and this is my first post this month! I have much to do at the moment, so less time for drawing private stuff.)
BUT this time I can show you the cover for the coming soon Ratten!!-Kompendium, that is expected to be published in October! So Hail! to the rat king!

Mephisto's Ratten!-review

Bye the way, there is a short Ratten!-review in the current Mephisto magazine :)
Of course it's in German, but I'm not up for translating the article into English... but believe me, it's positive :D

EDIT: My dad is an impassionated English teacher (his monitor is full of red underlines and marks from correcting my blog ;) and he translated this article into English just for fun! Thanks for that again!


They are fast, tough and damned clever – and all that without a thumb.