Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Year 11

Happy new Year v2.11! Hope you all had a good upgrade!
To follow the same procedure as every year, I can show you my new calender for 2011. This time Fridolin, the funky pharmacy fox invented a time maschine, that may be look like an apple i-dixi mobile toilet, but it works!
Taming mammuths in the Ice Age, watching the conquest of the paradise, modelling for Leonardo DaVinci, listening to Mozart, being traced by Sherlock Holmes or finally celebrating the new year in a future Manhattan - the adventures of the Frido have never been that spectacular before! (I just got a call from James Cameron who wants to make a 12 month long pharmacy calender-movie instead of Avatar2 (...I think Andy Serkis will play Fridolin, but that's not verified, so sshhh!)

Ok, jokes apart, it was real fun again to draw the calender and it turned out ways more detailed than the last one, but it was worth the effort. And who detects him-/herself in the second last picture (november/present-day) will be in the movie too ;)

Frido in the course of time...

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