Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Colored CaricaTrial

The colored version of myself's caricature. You see I changed it a bit, shorten my nose for example. But I still look like bein in a real bad mood... well, that's me, hehe. 
And yes, I have got an second eye too ;)

Oh and by the way: I have updated my homepage. Now you are able to download a demo version of my final project "Glückauf!" that deals with the history of coal mining in the Ruhr area and the change of structure involved. It's written in german, but you can get an impression by watching the insetted movies. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CaricaTrial Vol. 1

This weekend I gave myself two new tasks:

1. exercising myself in drawing caricature what I haven't done for ages and
2. exercising my liver by going party what I nearly do every weekend.

And I succeed in performing both tasks! I think I don't need to go into details about the second task. I rather show you the results of my caricaturing-trials.

I hope you can make out the persons I caricatured...

a) First caricature and one of the best actors ever.

b) Hope you don't know this guy with the Grand Canyon-sized wrinkles, when you are not from Germany.

c) Best proof that drugs abuse can make you a superstar... 

d) No. 1 favourite movie hottie

e) No. 2 favourite movie hottie

f) It's not Popeye... but my favourite caricature

g) who the hell is that??

a) Jack Nicholson
b) Dieter Bohlen
c) Robbie Williams
d) Jessica Alba
e) Jennifer Garner
f) Pope Benedikt XVI.
g) Myself

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Making of May

time for a new entry and a little insight into the calendar I'm working on. The making of May!

This are the four steps I run through:

I. A very artless sketch of the situation at first.

II. Then the preparatory drawing in pencil.

III. After that the final drawing in ink...

IV. ...that gets scanned and coloured in Photoshop.

Tadaa! No big deal, easy money, hehe. But I like that sunset atmosphere - puts you into a good mood for beer&sausage... mmmh, beer&sausage...

Well... already have drawn march, april, june, july, august, but I do not really know if I am allowed to show illus in public (so don't steal this one... will get me into devil's kitchen (do you have this saying in english too?? Nevermind!)). So all you millions and millions of people have to wait until next january, when the calendar is publicized.
Then you will see all the great illustrations in HIGH DEFINITION!!! Yeah!!!

And now beer&sausage!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Goon (FanArt)

I'm very busy with drawing for that chemist's calender this days. But this just in between:

Some fan art I drew today (and I'm satisfied by my photoshop coloration). It's "The Goon" © Eric Powell. One of the funniest and most entertaining comic series I have ever read and - to all you comic geeks - a great hommage to the history of comic itself. It's "Tales From The Crypt" like Will Eisner would have drawn it, placed into a mafia milieu with the charme of an old film noir. The Goon himself reminds me on Frank Miller's Marv ("Sin City"), while his hyper aggressive side-kick Franky ("Knife to the eye!!") could be Terrence' & Phillip's ("Southpark") third brother with his simplified figure and pupil-less eyes.
Don't wanna write a recension. I just advise you to read that comic, if you don't know it yet! Or take a look at www.thegoon.com!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Yesterday I spend most of my time with searching the internet for vacancies - practical jobs, freelancer jobs, full time jobs, no matter. Just need something new to do now!
And finally I found a vacancy that sounded interesting to me. An agency searched for an illustrator who also knows Flash MX for creating edutainment-software (entertaining educational software). So that's exactely what I did in my final project at university (I called it "Infotainment" tho).
So I compiled an pdf.-application today and will send it them tomorrow. Dunno if that application is good enough, cos it's my first one. So I don't expect too much. I' just glad that I finally made myself a proper portfolio that I can send around. Together with the homepage and the blog (that nobody knows about!) my public appearence is completed. I'm done!

This is the coloured version of the character I sketched yesterday. Used that one as an avatar in the gallery of the application.
Over &out

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Featuring: Feet

And now: Feet! I searched the internet for pictures of feet to draw them, and hey I can tell you I found many ugly feet pictures that I didn't want to draw at all! I noticed that feet are the parts of the body that become really nasty when u get older (nothing against older people's feet, I just wasn't in the mood to draw them). So at least I primarily drew good lookin womens feet and I'm comfortable with the results. Feet are not as difficult as hands, cos they don't deform so much. Actually the foot is just a block with static toes attached on the leg by a ball-joint. But it is good making those anatomy facts clear to myself, don't think that I will draw more feet-pages tho.

And after this study-stuff a few characters. Usually I just start with drawing the eyes, watch the face developing around them and after that I decide what kind of figure it will become. That weird freak in the middle reminds me of the mutants from the movie "the descent".

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hands & Pirates

Yo ho, on with the show!
I sketched some more hands in my sketchbook and it works better and better. I started with drawing hands I found on pictures in the internet and tried to make em look comic-style. Then, after I got going, I drew hands out of my imagination again. Maybe I should draw a few more hand-pages and then pass into drawing feet or something.

And after this serious trainig-stuff I sketched some pirates (yo ho!). Don't ask me why pirates, I just started with that guy on the right site cos tried to draw a characteristical face and thought he looked like an old pirate. And thats typically: after I practiced drawing hands the pirates captain has a hook instead of! But the hook and the mermaid round off the atmosphere, so it's ok.
I especially like the parrot and hate that fish (since that damn "Fred Fish"-collumn I worked for, all the fishes I draw are looking like this! That's not the head of a fish! Looks more like a turtle or something!)

However, more in the next days!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Homepage & Handjob

Good evening, its me again (who else?)

first of all: My homepage is finally online and seems to work correctly. Check it out on www.timogrubing.de. There you find different examples of my style from comic-art over children's book illustrations to vector based medicine illustration. The site is still under construction. I wanna attach a link-list to friend's and pro's pages for example - and don't know if I should link this Blog on my homepage. I would advise peoples to read this crap and I like hiding myself with this site in the swamp of the talkatives (well actually I like the handling and layout of Blogger.com... it's one of the most user-friendly communities I have ever tried!)

And I performed my self given task today and drew some serious training-sketches in my book. I sketched hands. I don't know if I am the only one who hates drawing hands, well, ich don't really hate it, but it's difficult for me to make them look realistic. Usually it's something wrong with them, like too much or too less space between the thumb and the beginning of the index finger for example. The hand is the most complex part of the body, and for me it seems to change it's proportions with every single movement. Drawing comic hands is okay, cos in a comic you can live with exxegerations, with hands that would look pretty mutated if they were real. So I tried to draw more or less realistic hands´.
I started with portray my own left hand (the two big and to much hatched ones in the middle of the double-page), then portrayed some hands that I found in a book about cigarette-advertisement (the ones with cigarettes). I portrayed them to loosen at first and then drew the rest of the hands out of my imagination. I think it worked quite good at the end (the newest hands are the few on the right).

So, good beginning! See you tomorrow!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A quick peek into my sketchbook


to find an amusing start I wanna present some cut-outs of my sketchbook. I wasn't keen on scanning the pages, so I just took some fotos of them with my digital camera. Its bad quality and even worse lighting conditions, but I think u receive a impression of the stuff I'm doing just for fun, of my style and what I meant by: "useless and unworthy to show to the world".

Here you see different charakters I skribbled while watching a boxing match on tv. I don't know where that girl with the strange cap came from, but I like her!

I tried drawin some caricature and used a smooth red chalk pen. For those who don't know him: its George A. Romero, best known for his zombie-movies like "Dawn of the dead" or "Day of the dead". When I saw his picture I thought that he looked like a caricature already, so it wasn't pretty hard for me to draw him (its the guy with the glass bricks not the monkey!)

System Of A Down! One of the best band ever and fun to draw, too, even if I don't really like this page of my sketchbook. It's too little caricature, but too worse for a proper realistic sketch - it's neither one thing nor the other. Will work on them again when I listen to Toxicity the next time.

Ah, a typical phone-sketch! I guess everybody doodles around while phoning, no matter if you are into drawing or not. I notice that I slip to manga-style when I'm lost in thought (but that Clockwork-Orange-girl ain't that bad, hehe).

Guess what movie I watched while sketching this next two pages!

I like this sketch of Darth Maul, although I think his character in the movie was more a sidekick than a proper antagonist.

Two other characters that attracted my attention in my sketchbook (she looks a bit too stoned)!

Yeah, Skeletor! Hero of my childhood - next to Optimus Prime from Transformers and Michael Knight. I had never been allowed to own Masters Of The Universe-toys, cos my mum was pretty pacifistic and thought that all that monsters and weapons would spoil me. Meanwhile I had a whole box filled up with Transformers-Robots armed to the teeth... with hindsight I think that my parents were pretty inconsequent at this time. But due to this fact I had to buy all the MotU-toys on a flea market last year (what was like haveing birthday and christmas on one day!)

Now you see what I mean by "unserious stuff". I not very into drawing buildings or realistic portraits and thats what I wanna change, cos I dare say that these technical training help you on getting better. I will try to publish one serious pic out of my sketchbook every day now (maybe every second day, or like I know me, every week). We will see!

In don't understand Bloggers

wow, until last week I asked myself, what made people believe that anyone in the world wide web was interested in their mental defecations that block expensive webspace (maybe thats why it's called "blog"...)
And now I just created my first blog out of the frustration that my homepage I worked on for several weeks still doesn't run correctly. And I need my homepage to finally start an attempt in applyin for a bad paid practical in an advertising agency or for some new better paid illustration jobs (you see I'm always searching for the next step to climb the ladder).

However... for the people that read this without me understanding their reasons:
WELCOME to my magnificant blog! My name is Timo Grubing, I'm living in Münster (a small burgeois city in the mid-west of Germany) and got my certificate in design in february this year. So I'm an academic since four month now - Dipl. Des. (FH) - and really don't feel like that (I always imagined academics like boring brown suits wearing intellectuals that meet in the library or a petit café to talk about Wittgenstein while drinkin a cup of coffee... hey, I'm addicted to coffee, so I'm on the best way!) My major subject was illustration and my final project was an interactive, Flash based information progrmm about the history of coal mining in the ruhr area called "Glückauf!"
Since I got my graduationI worked for two specialised books for kids (one about history, the other one about general knowledge) . At the moment I work on a calender that will be available in chemist's the next year. So the money is coming in.

You should have noticed by now that I haven't used the english language for a couple of years. In my opinion I have never been perfect in english (I got an C "befriedigend" in my english test at my high school diploma in 2000) and because I know my dad despairs of my english skills while reading this blog (he's an english teacher) I wanna say: I just disgrace myself on here cos I need to kick my own ass and sit down on the last-mentioned to refresh my english and feel more self confident in using it again. I still have the plan to work abroad in the future and have to start the preparation for it slowly but surely. So I hope all you guys reading this blame me for my crappy english! I count on you!

By the way: Ain't this headline killingly funny?? Timo is Grubing for Art! I am rolling on floor laughing (ROFL for the nerds)! That I never came up with this gag before, tz!

Another reason for me to start this blog was to come up with serious drawings and illustrations in the times when I don't have any jobs to do. I like drawin and I draw pretty much, but most of the stuff I skribble into my sketchbook is useless and unworthy to show to the world. When I draw for my own I just do it to relax and don't try hard to create a masterpiece, cos I know that nobody will ever see it. So with this blog I browbeat myself to draw more and better just by keeping the fact in the back of my mind that millions of people all around the world could see my work.

So enough of boring blah blah. All you millions of interested readers wanna see what I'm doing all day long next to refreshing foreign languages: I'm grubing for arts!