Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CaricaTrial Vol. 1

This weekend I gave myself two new tasks:

1. exercising myself in drawing caricature what I haven't done for ages and
2. exercising my liver by going party what I nearly do every weekend.

And I succeed in performing both tasks! I think I don't need to go into details about the second task. I rather show you the results of my caricaturing-trials.

I hope you can make out the persons I caricatured...

a) First caricature and one of the best actors ever.

b) Hope you don't know this guy with the Grand Canyon-sized wrinkles, when you are not from Germany.

c) Best proof that drugs abuse can make you a superstar... 

d) No. 1 favourite movie hottie

e) No. 2 favourite movie hottie

f) It's not Popeye... but my favourite caricature

g) who the hell is that??

a) Jack Nicholson
b) Dieter Bohlen
c) Robbie Williams
d) Jessica Alba
e) Jennifer Garner
f) Pope Benedikt XVI.
g) Myself

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