Sunday, July 1, 2007

In don't understand Bloggers

wow, until last week I asked myself, what made people believe that anyone in the world wide web was interested in their mental defecations that block expensive webspace (maybe thats why it's called "blog"...)
And now I just created my first blog out of the frustration that my homepage I worked on for several weeks still doesn't run correctly. And I need my homepage to finally start an attempt in applyin for a bad paid practical in an advertising agency or for some new better paid illustration jobs (you see I'm always searching for the next step to climb the ladder).

However... for the people that read this without me understanding their reasons:
WELCOME to my magnificant blog! My name is Timo Grubing, I'm living in Münster (a small burgeois city in the mid-west of Germany) and got my certificate in design in february this year. So I'm an academic since four month now - Dipl. Des. (FH) - and really don't feel like that (I always imagined academics like boring brown suits wearing intellectuals that meet in the library or a petit café to talk about Wittgenstein while drinkin a cup of coffee... hey, I'm addicted to coffee, so I'm on the best way!) My major subject was illustration and my final project was an interactive, Flash based information progrmm about the history of coal mining in the ruhr area called "Glückauf!"
Since I got my graduationI worked for two specialised books for kids (one about history, the other one about general knowledge) . At the moment I work on a calender that will be available in chemist's the next year. So the money is coming in.

You should have noticed by now that I haven't used the english language for a couple of years. In my opinion I have never been perfect in english (I got an C "befriedigend" in my english test at my high school diploma in 2000) and because I know my dad despairs of my english skills while reading this blog (he's an english teacher) I wanna say: I just disgrace myself on here cos I need to kick my own ass and sit down on the last-mentioned to refresh my english and feel more self confident in using it again. I still have the plan to work abroad in the future and have to start the preparation for it slowly but surely. So I hope all you guys reading this blame me for my crappy english! I count on you!

By the way: Ain't this headline killingly funny?? Timo is Grubing for Art! I am rolling on floor laughing (ROFL for the nerds)! That I never came up with this gag before, tz!

Another reason for me to start this blog was to come up with serious drawings and illustrations in the times when I don't have any jobs to do. I like drawin and I draw pretty much, but most of the stuff I skribble into my sketchbook is useless and unworthy to show to the world. When I draw for my own I just do it to relax and don't try hard to create a masterpiece, cos I know that nobody will ever see it. So with this blog I browbeat myself to draw more and better just by keeping the fact in the back of my mind that millions of people all around the world could see my work.

So enough of boring blah blah. All you millions of interested readers wanna see what I'm doing all day long next to refreshing foreign languages: I'm grubing for arts!


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