Sunday, July 1, 2007

A quick peek into my sketchbook


to find an amusing start I wanna present some cut-outs of my sketchbook. I wasn't keen on scanning the pages, so I just took some fotos of them with my digital camera. Its bad quality and even worse lighting conditions, but I think u receive a impression of the stuff I'm doing just for fun, of my style and what I meant by: "useless and unworthy to show to the world".

Here you see different charakters I skribbled while watching a boxing match on tv. I don't know where that girl with the strange cap came from, but I like her!

I tried drawin some caricature and used a smooth red chalk pen. For those who don't know him: its George A. Romero, best known for his zombie-movies like "Dawn of the dead" or "Day of the dead". When I saw his picture I thought that he looked like a caricature already, so it wasn't pretty hard for me to draw him (its the guy with the glass bricks not the monkey!)

System Of A Down! One of the best band ever and fun to draw, too, even if I don't really like this page of my sketchbook. It's too little caricature, but too worse for a proper realistic sketch - it's neither one thing nor the other. Will work on them again when I listen to Toxicity the next time.

Ah, a typical phone-sketch! I guess everybody doodles around while phoning, no matter if you are into drawing or not. I notice that I slip to manga-style when I'm lost in thought (but that Clockwork-Orange-girl ain't that bad, hehe).

Guess what movie I watched while sketching this next two pages!

I like this sketch of Darth Maul, although I think his character in the movie was more a sidekick than a proper antagonist.

Two other characters that attracted my attention in my sketchbook (she looks a bit too stoned)!

Yeah, Skeletor! Hero of my childhood - next to Optimus Prime from Transformers and Michael Knight. I had never been allowed to own Masters Of The Universe-toys, cos my mum was pretty pacifistic and thought that all that monsters and weapons would spoil me. Meanwhile I had a whole box filled up with Transformers-Robots armed to the teeth... with hindsight I think that my parents were pretty inconsequent at this time. But due to this fact I had to buy all the MotU-toys on a flea market last year (what was like haveing birthday and christmas on one day!)

Now you see what I mean by "unserious stuff". I not very into drawing buildings or realistic portraits and thats what I wanna change, cos I dare say that these technical training help you on getting better. I will try to publish one serious pic out of my sketchbook every day now (maybe every second day, or like I know me, every week). We will see!

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