Monday, July 9, 2007


Yesterday I spend most of my time with searching the internet for vacancies - practical jobs, freelancer jobs, full time jobs, no matter. Just need something new to do now!
And finally I found a vacancy that sounded interesting to me. An agency searched for an illustrator who also knows Flash MX for creating edutainment-software (entertaining educational software). So that's exactely what I did in my final project at university (I called it "Infotainment" tho).
So I compiled an pdf.-application today and will send it them tomorrow. Dunno if that application is good enough, cos it's my first one. So I don't expect too much. I' just glad that I finally made myself a proper portfolio that I can send around. Together with the homepage and the blog (that nobody knows about!) my public appearence is completed. I'm done!

This is the coloured version of the character I sketched yesterday. Used that one as an avatar in the gallery of the application.
Over &out

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