Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Making of May

time for a new entry and a little insight into the calendar I'm working on. The making of May!

This are the four steps I run through:

I. A very artless sketch of the situation at first.

II. Then the preparatory drawing in pencil.

III. After that the final drawing in ink...

IV. ...that gets scanned and coloured in Photoshop.

Tadaa! No big deal, easy money, hehe. But I like that sunset atmosphere - puts you into a good mood for beer&sausage... mmmh, beer&sausage...

Well... already have drawn march, april, june, july, august, but I do not really know if I am allowed to show illus in public (so don't steal this one... will get me into devil's kitchen (do you have this saying in english too?? Nevermind!)). So all you millions and millions of people have to wait until next january, when the calendar is publicized.
Then you will see all the great illustrations in HIGH DEFINITION!!! Yeah!!!

And now beer&sausage!

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