Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hands & Pirates

Yo ho, on with the show!
I sketched some more hands in my sketchbook and it works better and better. I started with drawing hands I found on pictures in the internet and tried to make em look comic-style. Then, after I got going, I drew hands out of my imagination again. Maybe I should draw a few more hand-pages and then pass into drawing feet or something.

And after this serious trainig-stuff I sketched some pirates (yo ho!). Don't ask me why pirates, I just started with that guy on the right site cos tried to draw a characteristical face and thought he looked like an old pirate. And thats typically: after I practiced drawing hands the pirates captain has a hook instead of! But the hook and the mermaid round off the atmosphere, so it's ok.
I especially like the parrot and hate that fish (since that damn "Fred Fish"-collumn I worked for, all the fishes I draw are looking like this! That's not the head of a fish! Looks more like a turtle or something!)

However, more in the next days!

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