Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Goon (FanArt)

I'm very busy with drawing for that chemist's calender this days. But this just in between:

Some fan art I drew today (and I'm satisfied by my photoshop coloration). It's "The Goon" © Eric Powell. One of the funniest and most entertaining comic series I have ever read and - to all you comic geeks - a great hommage to the history of comic itself. It's "Tales From The Crypt" like Will Eisner would have drawn it, placed into a mafia milieu with the charme of an old film noir. The Goon himself reminds me on Frank Miller's Marv ("Sin City"), while his hyper aggressive side-kick Franky ("Knife to the eye!!") could be Terrence' & Phillip's ("Southpark") third brother with his simplified figure and pupil-less eyes.
Don't wanna write a recension. I just advise you to read that comic, if you don't know it yet! Or take a look at!

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