Saturday, July 7, 2007

Featuring: Feet

And now: Feet! I searched the internet for pictures of feet to draw them, and hey I can tell you I found many ugly feet pictures that I didn't want to draw at all! I noticed that feet are the parts of the body that become really nasty when u get older (nothing against older people's feet, I just wasn't in the mood to draw them). So at least I primarily drew good lookin womens feet and I'm comfortable with the results. Feet are not as difficult as hands, cos they don't deform so much. Actually the foot is just a block with static toes attached on the leg by a ball-joint. But it is good making those anatomy facts clear to myself, don't think that I will draw more feet-pages tho.

And after this study-stuff a few characters. Usually I just start with drawing the eyes, watch the face developing around them and after that I decide what kind of figure it will become. That weird freak in the middle reminds me of the mutants from the movie "the descent".

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