Tuesday, April 29, 2008

RPC 2008

The Roleplay Convention (RPC) took place in Münster again last weekend. It's a new convention that first opened it's gates in 2007, but it's already the biggest con that deals with all kinds of roleplay games (tabletop, pen&paper, online, LARP, etc.).
Prometheus Games was represented at the con, too, and had asked it's illustrators to do some live-sketching at their stand. And cos I have drawn for their roleplay game Elyrion and they recently got the license to publish Ratten! I was invited too.
And man, I was so damn nervous before, cos I always hated drawing in front of people and I didn't expect that anybody would want to buy a sketch from me.
But it was just great! Suprisingly Ratten! sold very well and I felt like half a meter taller when people asked me to sign the Ratten!-books. I even sold some live-sketches and they went out better than I thought.

(Illustrator Thomas Hering, myself, Illustrator Björn Lensing)

I did pictures with my mobile phone of some of them before giving them away.

Yes, one guy wanted me to draw a comic rabbit that pukes it's guts up while losing an eye ("just make it as sick as you can imagine!!" - that's kind of a briefing I like :) And he really liked the picture!

Then a girl asked me if I could draw cats... and wanted me to portray her cat in a very rotten way ("...with maggots and bones shining through decomposed skin..." just cute that girl hehe)

To sum up I can just say, that I really enjoyed that weekend and looking forward the next convention!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fred as usual (and some snot)

Don't we all have a good and a bad shark sitting on our shoulders...? I like that evil Fred's goatbeard!

And I didn't forget this mate yet. I miss that little gnawer. This time he went out pretty serious and mature... or not (har har)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Making Ofs

I really hate clowns (who doesn't?) and needed around 2 hours for this "speed"painting.

And a making of... that's the way, aha, aha

And watch this speedpainting clip I made! It was the first time I drew something in front of my camera and that's what it looks like...

Nice ending, eh? Was a bit dissatisfied with the pic (and drawing pipes and glases in the heat of the moment is a prob of mine;) I will record more and better stuff in the next weeks I hope!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The nightmare of an arachnophobic rat...

After all that beautiful pictures here comes something gross for RATTEN! again. Just imagine you find that in the dark corner of your wardrobe... muhahaha...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pin Ups

And two more pin-ups (I should open an own category for them :)
I have drawn the first one for a friend's bday and it's made with eddings and copics. When you click on the pic you'll see the pimped photoshop version (better contrast and colours.. and without the pen :P)

The second one with the poetical name "herbst" (autumn) was made in 2007 and another friend asked me for a print. I had to rework it to get a printable version, cos I saved the original picture with a resoluion of 72 dpi (and thats definitely too crappy for a good 50 x 20 cm print).

Fred as usual

The new Fred Fish-Illu for the next month (poor Fred... his gf walks of with another shark...)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Just for fun speedpainting (45 mins), made just in Photoshop without pre-sketch.

and a monkey (ugh aghh! sörti tu minz)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More digital stuff

Hmm, think a tanker ship lost some acid in the sea... and a digital sketch of a future-style-girl (there are no trousers in the future ;)


and the first version of an illustration I did for the role-play-game. In their eyes, it still looks too colorfull and friendly tho (I'll see what I can change).