Tuesday, April 29, 2008

RPC 2008

The Roleplay Convention (RPC) took place in Münster again last weekend. It's a new convention that first opened it's gates in 2007, but it's already the biggest con that deals with all kinds of roleplay games (tabletop, pen&paper, online, LARP, etc.).
Prometheus Games was represented at the con, too, and had asked it's illustrators to do some live-sketching at their stand. And cos I have drawn for their roleplay game Elyrion and they recently got the license to publish Ratten! I was invited too.
And man, I was so damn nervous before, cos I always hated drawing in front of people and I didn't expect that anybody would want to buy a sketch from me.
But it was just great! Suprisingly Ratten! sold very well and I felt like half a meter taller when people asked me to sign the Ratten!-books. I even sold some live-sketches and they went out better than I thought.

(Illustrator Thomas Hering, myself, Illustrator Björn Lensing)

I did pictures with my mobile phone of some of them before giving them away.

Yes, one guy wanted me to draw a comic rabbit that pukes it's guts up while losing an eye ("just make it as sick as you can imagine!!" - that's kind of a briefing I like :) And he really liked the picture!

Then a girl asked me if I could draw cats... and wanted me to portray her cat in a very rotten way ("...with maggots and bones shining through decomposed skin..." just cute that girl hehe)

To sum up I can just say, that I really enjoyed that weekend and looking forward the next convention!

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