Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Affe & Schabe

Today I have avow that I can't draw. Yes, I am so damn artistically untalented like an arm-amputated economic-science student. So now I guess you wonder how I was able to create more or less good illustrations and even earn some more or less good money with it...
I have got a monkey called "Affe". One evening in the late 20th century he knocked on my door and asked me for a temporarly appointment as my personal art-slave-animal... it was late and I didn't wonder where he came from or where he learned to draw. For one Beck's beer per day he started drawing me everything I told him. So I was able to pass my design study and become an illustrator.
Affe now works for me for several years and I owe him a big thank you and don't wanna take credit for him no longer... so yesterday I took a picture of him, even if he's pretty unphotogenic (and sometimes produces poo-sculptures - but that's another topic...)

And after my confession, Isa sent me this picture of her personal drawing-slave... an assiduous cockroach called Schabe. Her animal has the female skill of multitasking: painting an acrylic picture, digitally colorating another illu on the laptop while chatting and nibbleing on a double-cookie - and all that without watching! And it only needs some trash to eat and a glass of sparkling wine from day to day. On Isa's Blog you can see, what Schabe draws in her free time!

I wonder how many so called illustrators have such art-animals at home... ah by the way HERE is a batman comic I really drew the last days... not that great, eh ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eater Of The Worlds

Oh, Black Hole, Thee we fear and adore!
The day the earth stood jittery.

The CERN recently came to worldwide attention in a most flustering way: As a possible father of the Eater Of The Worlds, aka black hole.

Available as screen backgrounds!

The question is, what kind of danger really emerges from CERN's newest experiment, also known as the Large Hadron Collider? And large it really is. Buried, well out of sight in a depth of 50 to 175 meters under ground near Geneva, Switzerland, the 27 kilometer long LHC is the largest machine ever build by mankind. And according to CERN officials, it is perfectly safe. But these denials do sound too rehearsed to contain the whole truth, don't they?

Please, read the whole article on phees' dissections!

RATTEN!! Cover-Preview (update)

(Hmm... it's nearly end of september and this is my first post this month! I have much to do at the moment, so less time for drawing private stuff.)
BUT this time I can show you the cover for the coming soon Ratten!!-Kompendium, that is expected to be published in October! No, this isn't a déjà-vu, but Prometheus Games considered the first cover-version to be too cruel to show it on the titel of the new book (yes, many parents obviously buy Ratten! to play it with the whole family on a sunny sunday afternoon ;)