Friday, September 19, 2008

Affe & Schabe

Today I have avow that I can't draw. Yes, I am so damn artistically untalented like an arm-amputated economic-science student. So now I guess you wonder how I was able to create more or less good illustrations and even earn some more or less good money with it...
I have got a monkey called "Affe". One evening in the late 20th century he knocked on my door and asked me for a temporarly appointment as my personal art-slave-animal... it was late and I didn't wonder where he came from or where he learned to draw. For one Beck's beer per day he started drawing me everything I told him. So I was able to pass my design study and become an illustrator.
Affe now works for me for several years and I owe him a big thank you and don't wanna take credit for him no longer... so yesterday I took a picture of him, even if he's pretty unphotogenic (and sometimes produces poo-sculptures - but that's another topic...)

And after my confession, Isa sent me this picture of her personal drawing-slave... an assiduous cockroach called Schabe. Her animal has the female skill of multitasking: painting an acrylic picture, digitally colorating another illu on the laptop while chatting and nibbleing on a double-cookie - and all that without watching! And it only needs some trash to eat and a glass of sparkling wine from day to day. On Isa's Blog you can see, what Schabe draws in her free time!

I wonder how many so called illustrators have such art-animals at home... ah by the way HERE is a batman comic I really drew the last days... not that great, eh ;)

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