Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schmidts Katze & die Mäusebande

Also ich sach ma: Getz gehtet ab wie Schmidt's Katze! (this is a German saying and I think it means the same as "it takes off like a scalded cat" or something.)
Schmidts Katze from Schmidt Spiele is a fast hide and seek memory game for kids of four years of age and over. Slip into the role of a mouse and try to hide from the (friendly) Schmidt's cat (it just wanna play with the mice... honestly :)

And I like most that they have named one of the eight mouse-character after me: Timo Tollkühn :))
(engl. Timo Temerarious <-- that will definitely become my new gangster rapper nick name ;)

Get the game on and do you already know the "Schmidts Katze" puzzle?

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