Friday, November 23, 2007


Finally I can tell you about the project I worked on for several weeks. All the rats and the other cruel looking animals were created for a new german RPG-label (role play games for non-nerds) called Projekt Kopfkino. The game is called rats! (Ratten!) and it's about - no wonder - rats!
I have never been into role play games like DSA or something, but it was fun to draw the mostly sick looking creatures involved. It was a welcome reliefe to the jobs I work on actually. HERE you can download the first version of the game-regulator.

This is the translation to the infromation text on the website:

Something heavy fell onto the tomcat from the ceiling. Completely puzzled and suprised he crouched and wasn't able to react fast enough and dodge that thing. He was pressed down on the ground. At the same time the world around One-eye got into hectical movement. While it became clear to him that he layed under a net, crawling rats appeared from all around, furry stinky rats, that jumped at him and started attacing him with their tiny crawls and sharp teeth. The tomcat pressed against the net with all his strength, tried to move away from the rats, to escape their bits, but they were to many...

Welcome to the world of Rats!, the role-play-game the player can slip into the fur of a rat and experience several adventures in the rat-castle (an old department store). Although the player-characters are of course highly humanized in this role play - who wants to play real animals? -, they are at least rats: they do not walk on two legs, they do not have a thumb and they are not into cooking very much. The rats live in clan-like alliances - the routs - spread over the different departments of the store. There is peace at the moment, but that wasn't at all the time and the danger, that the old enmities of the routs blaze up again is in the air.

When you are into role plays (and you speak german) have fun!

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