Friday, June 27, 2008

Warmly recommendations

I wanna recommend to you the portfolio of two good friends of mine - Isabelle Metzen & Carla Miller - that work together as an illustration-team. Check out their site! It really is worth a view - maybe even two :)
As a little but stylish foretaste, this is a rat Isa drew me. Thanx for that :)

and some more "fanart":P
my flatmate Jan just bought the Spore Creature Creator, a great tool to easily create every imaginable dumb critter. So he recreated Fred Fisch (or as he called it Fratte Fiche) what was also my first idea, when I thought about dumb creatures. Cool to see it in 3d!
So if you want your dumb creature created in 3d, choose the Phees Solution and ask him for it!

...and finally a rat drawn by the upcoming artist Anna Grubing, my seven years old cousin. She already draws really cool comic characters with a liability for bizarre (that rat is riding on a horse!! that's crazy!! :) Unfortunately she doesn't have an own blog yet... but wait some years!


caPri said...

wow, frette fiche is cool! why do you say it's dumb?

Timo said...

I never said the "Frette Fiche"-3d model were dumb! The Fred Fish charakter itself seems a bit - well - not that clever to me :)

Anonymous said...

mm. good thoughts!