Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Goon // Sky°Doll // Ariel

Misch-Masch am Badestrand: Mein Lieblings-Comic-Raufbold "The Goon" von Eric Powell nimmt meine Lieblings-Comic-andrioden-Schnitte Noa aus den Sky Doll-Comics von B. Canepa und A. Barbucci auf seine Schultern um nach meiner Lieblings-Meerjungfrau Arielle zu fischen. Was ein Spaß!
Mashup-time on sunny summer beach: My all time favorite comic roughneck "The Goon" by Eric Powell takes my all time favorite comic androide-cutie Noa from Sky°Doll by Barbara Canepa & Alessandro Barbucci on his shoulders to go fishing for my all time favorite mermaid Ariel, who lost her sea cups (probably cos she rather needs some D-cups °_°)

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