Saturday, October 8, 2016

Horroctober Comic #1

Daaammmnn, what a busy year. Never had that much projects parallel and in a row before. I barely had the time to draw anything for my own.
That's why I now forced myself to join the inktober with a little (or probably less little) Horroctober comic. I doubt that I will finish it till Halloween, cos I want to draw one or two panels a day what means that it will develop rather slowly.
It's just for fun // I haven't drawn any storyboard for it // I just plan it from page to page // So don't wait for a clever story arch or elaborate characters // But I hope I will have fun with it

See my daily panels on instagram and a new scanned and retouched page on this blog every weekend.

Have fun, stay tuned and DON'T TOUCH THIS

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