Friday, July 30, 2010

MATH-terpiece (Cornelsen Klick! 6)

Good morning, pupils, sit down, it's time for math again!

The school- and working books for the 6th grade will be released soon and I it's more and more fun to illustrate them. Like I told you in the last post on that subject, "my" book-pupils are growing from book to book and it's fun to give them more and more character and own personality (as much charakter and personality as kids in a schoolbook can have).
This time I even had the possibilitiy to place some personal insiders in the illustrations, like friends that play the part of teachers or parents (yo, Krazy-K, you see Murat's dad?) ;P Not to mention the close friendship between Tim and Anna (the resemblance to real existing illustrators is intended by all means). So it's still fun and I'm glad that there will be four more books for me to illustrate.

Did I ever introduce my kids to you? Well, on this older picture from Klick! 5 they introduce themselves :)

I would never have thought that I would ever have so much fun with math books. I hated math at school and all I wanted at that time was a WEAPON OF MATH DESTRUCTION (HAHAha, oh man, I had to tell that one...)

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Onur "Krazy" Karakuş said...

i just hope, that the "coincidence" murat's dad looks like me, doesn't mean i have to name my own child also murat one day?! :D