Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still-Leben A40 Ruhrschnellweg

Here are some impressions of the "A40 - Stilleben" ("A40 - Still life"). Over 3 million of people from the Ruhr Area partied, skated or rode the bycicle together on 60km (37miles) between Duisburg and Dortmund.It was great and peaceful and somehow strange to experience the known highway in "slow motion". Isa and me made our way from Bo-Stahlhausen to Wattenscheid and back -  a way you usually drive by car in 5 minutes, but we nearly needed three hours to walk (you see a motorway with other eyes when you once walked it).

And after a whole day on a ca. 37 degreese hot highway without sun blocker we felt as knocked over as this little fellow (those are the things you don't notice when you drive the street with 120 km/h). I didn't wrote the chalk comments and I think it's extremely morbid, but it's somehow part of the daily life on the street, too.

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