Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Opolus Corsar A

I did that sketch on the train yesterday when I was on my way back home from the cinema. As you can guess I watched Transformers yesterday - for the second time and together with my dad. And I have to say, that movie becomes better and better the more often you watch it. There are so many details and hidden jokes you can't notice at the first view.
So once again I felt like bein ten again and had to draw a Transformers immediately.

This is my old Opel Corsa tranformed into the Autobot Opolus Corsar A! Maybe I'll color it when I have time.

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Kiosco Salo Concepción said...


Un saludo desde Concepción, Chile. Muy Buenos Trabajos. Mucha suerte!!!

Luis Roco C.