Thursday, August 2, 2007

I went shopping today

I noticed that we needed a new package of toilet paper when I dozily sat on the toilet this morning. After cursing my flatmates and using our security tissues I headed for the next supermarket called "Plus". I also wanted to buy new toothpast, a sixpack of water and - oh yeah, nearly forgot my first published specialized book for kids about history. "Wissen schnell und kompakt - Geschichte" (knowledge fast and compact - history :) was presented between different rummage tables full of unhip underwear, cheap socks and new stylish tupperware pots. I was enthusiastic tho! I was in the act of buying toilet paper!!! And I bought that book for 3,99 € too :)

 I do not have anything to do with the titel! And these are just a couple of the pages that I illustrated.

By the slightly sarcastical report on the top you can tell that I don't brim over with enthusiasm for that book. And that's not cos the book is sold at a supermarket - I think that many more people will buy it displayed in a supermarket than between thirty other specialized books in a book store. And I am even positively suprised by the layout of the book. The problem is that I don't like my illustrations any more. The coloration is boring, the characters are not very dynamic... I could do better.
But I don't want to go down in self-criticism, even if that's the artist's engine. I don't want to seem like that stupid nerdy girls at school that cried cos of an 2 (B) in their math test.
I wanna say, I had to do sixty illustrations in four weeks, so I had no chance to work on one single illustration until being comfortable with it. I made some good and fast money with it and that's the main thing at the moment!

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